inside out

Ones operates in a large and composite playground ranging from the core of industrial components to the world of fashion, architecture and interior design. A range of skills derived from an open minded approach, acquired in years where versatility was a fundamental requirement for craft production and the ability to interpret different problems a distinctive trait.
The historical overview of our projects draws a multifaceted landscape:
The narrow tolerances of the component of an industrial machine are apparently distant from the mere beauty of an architectural line or by the intricate intentions of an aesthetic object, but to ring different knowledge means not only versatility in execution but also capacity for dialogue with different interlocutors and transversal integration Of skills.
So what is apparently a heterogeneous landscape translates into flexibility in the use of materials and technologies, sensitivity in the relationship between form and function, open dialogue with the business and consumer worlds, and management of articulated sets and complex projects.

fluoroscopy x-ray system

engine covers

medical device

snowboard bindings

check reader


lighting system

engine support cover

pump housing

kit fairings moto

automotive lighting

città di pietra

mars cruiser one

garden tractor

toy kitchen

automotive grids

compressor volute

washing machine window


drone and controller

vessel air

industrial boiler

pressure washer

laser measuring system