certified supply network

Ones’idea of ​​creating a manufacturing network grow almost like a spontaneous germination of a multi-year activity in the prototyping and models business. We always favoured an inclusive culture seeking to integrate knowledge and technology to have constant access to the technological front-end and develop innovative solutions.
Over the last few years, the hyperbole of technological upgrades has placed us at a crossroad: specialization and specialized management of a few technologies or the definition of a new development strategy centered on know-how and experience.
This did not mean abandoning technological research, the opposite: it laid the foundation for a manufacturing ecosystem: a kind of technological garden where different skills and resources can be combined to meet the challenges of custom manufacturing. A network, therefore, the result of decades of relationships, synergies and collaborations, an “enlarged” factory of sort that takes Ones, and its engineering and technological assets as a model that dynamically extends its body quickly morphing shape to adapt to the moodiness of the context.


As an ecosystem is constantly evolving, our manufacturing network is constantly updated and monitored to ensure a constant update of technological resources and production standards.

For Ones partnership is not only co-operation but also a deep sharing of values and production methods. Today, together with our partners, we offer the stability of high quality standards and a work approach based on common ideas and perspectives.


People, skills and technologies for every project.


additive manufacturing

metal casting

plastics moulding

subtractive manufacturing

sheet metal forming

surface finishing

quality control & testing