custom manufacturing

Custom solutions, developed by integrating control and sensibility, within a dynamic relationship among internal resources and our certified network’s manufacturing and engineering assets. The thirty years experience in producing models, prototypes, small series and spare parts allows us to design quick solutions that optimize time and costs by guaranteeing high quality standards.


IT'S A UNICUM: requires dedicated resources and the ability to adapt skills and tools to fast-changing specifications, a flexibility that only an agile structure can guarantee.

The geographical area in which Ones was born, has transformed the artisanal vocation into small and medium-sized, highly specialized companies that have been able to combine passion, technological research and manual skills. This industrial landscape, defined by the flexibility of SMEs, is the environment in which the demand for custom solutions and attention to detail, finds enthusiastic partners able to match digital innovation with an unchanged will to get their hands dirty with the matter.



Ones is together with Self (leading in design and production of aluminum moulds) and Castalia (large castings foundry) part of Selfgroup: a reality that has built agile and smooth organizational processes on the synergy of three companies.
The group enables Ones to integrate prototypes and low volume production with high-precision patterns, moulds and castings, combined with engineering and managing competences in a full path from concept to product.

tailored solutions

...since 30 years.

At the beginning there was the hammer ... and there still is.
Today we produce geometrically complex objects in an almost magical way thanks to additive technologies, but the avant-garde of specialized production is still preserved by man’s intelligence, flexibility and hand. Ones is the heir to a history that has undergone radical changes in production and organizational technologies over the last 50 years, transforming this heritage into conscious knowledge and optimized production strategies.

history milestones

Dalla cura artigianale alla sua integrazione con competenze e tecnologie avanzate.