single and multisingle

Ones is an integrated solutions specialist, producing components and assemblies in plastic and metal for prototype applications, small series and custom spare parts.
We believe that the dialogue between man and technology is the founding principle of custom manufacturing, tracing the path from abstraction to matter, from concept to product ...

digital handmade balance between digital order and manual sensibility ... manus + machina.


from concept to production and final assembling, we design ad hoc solutions that grant the integration and interaction between all the phases of the process, creating, in a dynamic partnership with the customer, the ideal development conditions.

more than one

Today, custom manufacturing excellence is achieved through quick access to widespread competences and technologies that can only be activated with a renewed spirit of open cooperation.

Over the years, Ones has evolved from simple components manufacturer to gatekeeper of a manufacturing network, able to provide the tools needed for any small-scale integrated production. Flexibility, speed, and listening skills make it possible to trigger productive synergies within a composite and versatile ecosystem, by optimizing the approach to new technologies and fostering the dialogue between engineering rigor and artisanal care.